Art by Giacinto Gaudenzi
Print year: 1990
Total edition: n° 50 copies

N° 22 sheets with the 22 Major Arcana
N° 5 pages with an introduction to the work written by Giordano Berti
Dimension: 36 x 25 cm
Each sheet is marked with a progressive number, the Author’s autographed signature and Edizioni d’Arte Lo Scarabeo dry mark

Print: zinc engraving and copperplate press
Paper: Tiepolo-Fabriano, 100% cotton

Coffer in black cloth-bound millboard: 37 x 28 cm
Title stuck on the cover: cloth-bound card with Albrecht Dürer’s portrait

€ 1200.00
+ Postal charge (Europe = € 3,90; Extra Europe =  € 4,8)

The 22 Major Arcana realized by Gaudenzi recall the best qualities of the etcher and painter from Norimberga: accurate and strong sketch, smart forms, smoothness and strenght harmonically joined in the outline.
Gaudenzi gathered from Dürer the sense of allegory, that is the ability in expressing phylosophical and existential concepts through links among symbols and characters.
Complying with his own artistic and human sensitiveness, Gaudenzi re-created what we could call the medieval symbolic universe: a microcosm where characters are metaphors of a complex and apparently conflicting reality in which mankind is plunged.
Gaudenzi would have certainly spared a lot of work by getting inspired from those Dürer’s illustrations that seem easily closer to Tarot; instead, he decided to avoid easy suggestions to build a dimension dominated by his own Melencholia.
This way, by the influence of Saturn talisman, the artist put through the engravings some wonderful and powerful suggestions, advised by a “creative spirit” that few artists have.