In this page you find – by alphabetical order – biographies of those artists who in the course of time realized the most important Tarots.
The marked names (linked to a brief biography) contributed enriching “Wonderful Tarot” Gallery (see the underlined titles).

To master the subject, see the list of most important historical tarot studies.

Author of the so-called “Mantegna Tarot” (since 1460-65).
Author of “Sola-Busca Tarot” (about 1490).
BEMBO Bonifacio (news from 1420 to 1470)
Italian painter and illuminator, author of Francesco Sforza Tarots (about 1450-60). A modern version of his deck, titled “Visconti Tarots”, has been engraved by the italian illustrator
Cosimo Musio.
COLMAN-SMITH Pamela (1878 – 1951)
English illustrator, author of “Rider-Waite Tarot” (1909-10).
CONVER Nicolas (news from 1760 to 1803)
Franch card-maker, author of one of the most famous “Marseilles Tarot”.
DALI’ Salvador (1904 – 1989)
Spanish surrealist painter, authore of “Tarot Universal” (1985 ca) realized in collaboration with the american artist Rachel Pollack.
DE SAINT-PHALLE Niki (1930 – 2002)
French sculptor, author of “The Tarot Garden” in Garavicchio, Tuscany, realizated from 1979 to 1987 with the swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely (Fribourg 1925 – 1991).
DE POILLY François (about 1665 – 1741)
IFrench engraver, author of “Mithological Minchiate” (about 1720).
GAUDENZI Giacinto (1945 – living)
Italian illustrator, author of four decks: “Enchanted Tarot”, or “Tarocchi dell’Alba Dorata” (1990), “Dürer Tarot” (1990), “Celtic Tarot” (1991), “Tarot of the Decameron” (1993).
GENTILINI Franco (1909 – 1981)
Italian painter, author of “Tarocchi of Gentilini” (1975.
GEOFROY Catelin (news in the middle of 16th century)
Card-maker, author of the most ancient Tarot french deck known at present time.
GLANZ Joseph (news from 1848 to 1912)
Austrian card-maker, author of a lot of “Phantastichen Tarocke”.
GÖBL Andreas Benedictus (1730 – 1792)
Bavarian engraver, author of various “Phantastichen Tarocke”.
GRIMAUD Baptiste Paul (1748 – 1950)
Famous manufacture of Tarots, playing-cards, and oracle decks.
GUMPPENBERG Ferdinando (1788 – about 1846)
Bavarian engraver, working in Milano from 1809; author of various historical Tarots.
GUTTUSO Renato (1912 – 1987)
Sicilian painter, author of the “Tarot of Guttuso” (1985).
HARRIS Frieda (1877 – 1962)
English painter, author of the crowleyan “Thoth Tarot” (1938-44).
LUPATELLI Antonio (1930 – living)
Illustratore italiano, autore di numerosi mazzi: “Tarocchi degli Gnomi” (1987), “Tarocchi della Buona Tavola” (1990), “Tarocchi dei Celti” (1991), “Tarocchi dei Folletti” (1992).
MITELLI Giuseppe Maria (1634 – 1718)
Italian satirical engraver, author of the “Tarocchino of Mitelli” (1669).
MOSER Ditha (1883 – 1969)
Austrian stylist, author of “Jugendstil Tarock” (1906).
MUSIO Cosimo (1933 – living)
Italian illustrator, author of “Tarot of Papus” (1990) and “Visconti Tarot” (1990), both printed in limited edition, and the deck “Zodiacal Game” (1992).
ORELL Argio (1884-1942)
Italian designer, author of “Esotic Tarot” (1914), then reprinted as “Tarot by Alan”.
PIATNIK Ferdinand (news from 1843 to 1882)
Austrian card-maker, author of a lot of “Phantastichen Tarocke”.
PIFFARERIO Paolo (1924 – living)
Italian illustrator, author of “Tarocchi of the King Sun” (1985) and
“Tarocchi del Buon Appetito” (1987).
RAIMONDO Luca (1972 – living)
Italian comics illustrator, author of two deks: “ Casanova Tarot” (1999) and “Olympus Tarot” (2002).
STERPINI Ugo (1927 – 2000)
Italian surrealist painter, author of “The Tao Tarot” (1984).
TENUTA Saverio (1969 – living)
Italian comics illustrator, author of the 56 Minor Arcana of “Celtic Tarot” (1991).
TINGUELY Jean (1925-1991)
Swiss sculptor, author of “The Tarot Garden” (1979-1987) with Niki de Saint-Phalle.
TREVISAN Giorgio (1934 – living)
Italian painter and illustrator, author of
“Risorgimental Tarot” (1987), “Lansquenets Tarot” (1988) and “Romantic Tarot” (1990).
VACCHETTA Giovanni (1863 – 1940)
Italian designer, authore of the “Naibi of Vacchetta”, reprinted as“Tarot of the Master” (2002).
VIEVILLE Jacques (news from 1643 to 1664)
French card-maker, author of the “Vieville Tarot” (about 1650) that is one of the so-called proto-Marseilles Tarot.